Big Time Garbage Fest | December 7th - 10th | Detroit, MI


3 Day Pass | Thurs-Sat. All Shows. All Venues.

$50 | All Shows

This pass get's you access to all of the headliner shows in all of the venues all weekend including the post show party/secret line-up showcases!

The 3 day pass is limited to the first 50 people. Buy these quick!

$20 Advanced - $25 Day of | Small's Bar | Show at 8:00pm

Leonard Ouzts

Leonard started doing comedy on a broader level in 2001 and began hitting the stage locally, then traveling the region. His act is primarily centered around everything from family, to current events, and the things he notices while walking down the street. Leonard takes an approach to comedy that is real and thought provoking all while having his audience spill over in laughter.

You may have seen Leonard on the Montreal "Just for Laughs Festival", "Adam Devine's House Party", "Conan", "Gotham Comedy Live", "Wild 'N Out" or "Master of None".

Also appearing: Gad Holland, Melanie Hearn and Josh Adams

Thursday, Dec 7th | Immediately Following the Leonard Ouzts Show | FREE | Small's Bar

Secret Line-Up Showcase After Party

Immediately after the headliner show we're going to have a great after party in the Small's main bar room with a completely new lineup of comedians. There's no telling who'll pop in for this show. Maybe some people from TV. Maybe some people from radio. Maybe a Walrus. Who knows. The only way too know is to come to the show. The after party is totally FREE. Except for the drinks. You have to pay for those.

$20 Advanced - $25 Day of | Small's Bar | Show at 9:00pm

Sherrod Small

Sherrod Small is a comedian, writer, producer, actor, radio host and all around performer; born and raised by his mother and two sisters in Brooklyn, NYC. He is a consistent killer connecting with audiences everywhere through his witty commentary, quick improvisation and his views on politics, culture and everyday life.

Sherrod has appeared in numerous popular series and is one of the most recognizable talking heads in America. You've seen him all over VH1's "Best Week Ever" & "I Love..." Series, guest hosting on ABC's "Good Morning America" & NBC's "TODAY", & as a frequent guest on FOX's "Red Eye" as well as Travel Channel's "Men Vs Food" & "Street Cred". Most recently Sherrod starred in A&E's "Black & White" which he produced & created with fellow comedian Christian Finnegan as well as wrote & starred as 'Malcom' in Tyler Perry's "Are We There Yet?" Sherrod has also performed on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and NBC’s “Showtime at the Apollo,” wrote & performed on Comedy Central’s “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn” and was featured in Jerry Seinfeld’s film “Comedian.”

Sherrod is also one of the most popular Radio voices today. You can currently listen to Sherrod weekly on on his acclaimed "Racewars" podcast co-starring Kurt Metzger, or as a regular guest on Sirius XM's "Opie Show." He has also appeared as a guest on "Raw Dog," "Scott & Sid Morning Show," "Legion Of Skanks" & more.

You can see Sherrod currently touring the country with 'The Comedians of Opie Radio' & 'Race Wars LIVE' as well as on this year’s ‘Just For Laughs’ Comedy Festival in Montreal.

Also appearing: John Mahar, Alex Bozinovic, Zach Stein and Jeff Horste

Friday, Dec 8th | Immediately Following the Kurt Metzger Show | FREE | Small's Bar

Secret Line-Up Showcase After Party

Exactly the same deal as the after party show on Thursday, except on Friday. We're going to have a new line-up of top secret comics after the headliner show. These comics are going to be hilarious and from different parts of the country. Come laugh your face off with us all night. Admission is free for the after party.

$20 Advanced - $25 Day of | Ant Hall Theater | Show at 8:00pm

Todd Barry

Barry, who many may recognize as the guy from "that thing" due to his numerous bit parts in TV and movies, has been a mainstay of the New York comedy scene since the late 90's and has released five comedy albums. A comic’s comic, the aloof Barry has developed a reputation for his ability to create a routine of jokes on the fly by interacting with the audiences, known to stand-up comedy aficionados as “crowd work.” Barry’s most recent special Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour, was filmed during his 2013 tour of exclusive crowd work shows in seven West Coast cities and was produced by Louis CK. So come prepared for some interactive comedy.

Also appearing: Brett Mercer, Laura Witkowski and Blain Hill

Saturday, Dec 9th | 10:00pm - Midnight | $5.00 at the door | Outer Limits Lounge

Secret Line-Up Showcase After Party

This one is a little different than the first two after parties. It's not in the same venue. But it's not far. It's literally on the same road just a little further east. It's also $5.00. But that is not much when you consider the comedy your going to see and the fun people you're going to hangout with. Come on to the show. Let's laugh some more.

Saturday, Dec 9th | Midnight | FREE | LJ's Sweetheart Lounge

Prankis w/ Bart Dangus

"A Stand Up Comedy Show of Sorts." This show is weirdly entertaining on it's normal weekday night. We anticipate it being even weirder and even more fun on a Saturday at midnight. This is a show were stand-up comedians do their material and hecklers are encouraged to heckle; and the comics have to work their way through it. Hosted by Bart Dangus, there's no telling what might happen from show to show.

Sunday, Dec 10th | 7:00pm | $5.00 at the door | Trumbullplex

Quix, Women & Queers Comedy Showcase

This is the inaugural "Quix, Women & Queers Comedy Showcase" at Trumbullplex! Hosted by Kai Quix, this show, as it's title suggests, will feature mostly female comics as well as comics from the LGBTQIA community. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the show.

Sunday, Dec 10th | 9:00pm | FREE | Cellarmen's

BTG Fest Wrap Up Party/Cinema Roast Crunch

This is going to be the epic wrap up party. We'll kick off the night with, you guessed it, some stand-up comedy. We'll cap-off the night with a new edition of Cinema Roast Crunch! The movie that will be roasted is TBA. It's going to be a good one. Well. Technically, a bad one. But the show is going to be fun. Come to Cellarmen's and have some laughs on our final night of the festival and enjoy some Mead like a viking.